Before and After Photos

“Can I see before-and-after photos?”

It’s a very common question people ask in our plastic surgery clinic. Of course you would want to have an idea of what to expect from surgery! This is a very important decision to make and having a picture in your mind of the result can be helpful and educational.  I also look for them when considering surgery.

I balance the need for education with a patient’s privacy because both are important in building trust in our doctor patient relationship. I would want all my patients to feel the comfort of knowing that I take measures to protect your sensitive information, and that includes your before and after photos. Whenever possible, we remove as many identifying features (faces, names, identifying jewelry, tattoos). This is also a requirement from our professional regulatory body, and any plastic surgeon is good standing will abide by these principles. The photographs must represent a realistic result and be in good taste. As we know, marketing goals may sensationalize some results that are not realistic to achieve.

Do we have before-and-after photos? Yes, we do.

I have them in a photobook, locked up in my clinic for viewing after a consultation with me in-person. From the hundreds of surgeries that I perform, only the select few patients who have allowed their photographs to be used in education, will be displayed. I would never show your photo if you have not provided consent. It is also easy to remove the photo from the book if you change your mind (and you may at any time). If you are ok sharing your own photo, we are always thankful as it helps others like you.

In our clinic we believe your information belongs to you and always will.