Cosmetic Injectable Fillers

Fillers (hyaluronic acid – HA) are best used for lip plumping and cheek volume augmentation. This does not replace the effect of a facelift, but the volume added to deflated skin may provide a subtle but satisfying lift.

Am I am Candidate?

The best outcome for facial fillers are for those who seek a modest change. Generally, if you had full lips and cheeks, injectable fillers look very natural as this is consistent with your facial harmony. If you always had naturally very thin lips, or your facial height has changed over time, filler may look unnatural. An opinion from our cosmetic surgeons will help focus your goals for a procedure that fits you best.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is found naturally in your body and is a combination of sugars and protein. This is a thick and viscous material your body uses to maintain volume, regenerate tissue, and lubricate joints. Over time the HA is absorbed in the body. This is naturally regenerated. Advanced age causes the content to decrease and the body generally becomes less hydrated. In cosmetic injections, HA is used in volume replacement. Injected HA attracts water and “swells” in small amounts providing the plumping and hydrating effects when injected safely. The injected product effects generally last 1 year, but has been known to be present for longer than that.

What are the risks and side effects?

Injected HA is generally safe provided it is done in a medically controlled, clean environment, with a practitioner that understands the precautions needed for safe and artful injections. However, all procedures have risks which will need to be discussed with your doctor. These include early but temporary reactions (pain, swelling, bruising, redness, itching), aesthetic dissatisfaction (overfill or underfill), delayed (hypersensitivity/allergy, infection, nodules, ongoing inflammation), or serious reactions (blood vessel occlusion, skin necrosis, blindness if injected near the eyes). Your medical specialist must provide you with a plan to address any complications early.

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