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Plastic surgery is our specialty. Our surgeons have received the highest qualification in Canada, focusing exclusively on plastic surgery. With expertise, experience, and an aesthetic eye, we will create a plan that will best suit your lifestyle and goals.

Choosing plastic surgery offers the most dramatic and powerful change. Our approach to plastic surgery is to create a plan that is medically safe. We incorporate the most updated techniques with established standard of care to achieve excellent results.


Breast enhancing surgery improves the shape and volume to compliment your body's natural silhouette.


Body contouring procedures help match your skin to fit your body's shape.


Facial cosmetic surgery requires a deep understanding of beauty, art, and motion.

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We are the only female plastic surgery clinic in Ottawa exclusively specialised and certified to perform plastic surgery, with the highest qualification given by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Find out more about your surgeon.

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Laser Treatments

Learn more about treating skin blemishes, pigment, redness, acne scarring, and texture with non-surgical laser and light therapy.

Cosmetic Injections

Cosmetic injections are used to address wrinkles, volume loss in the face and hands, or excessive and embarrassing sweating.

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