Breast Implant Augmentation

What is Breast Implant Augmentation?

For women looking to enhance their contour and add volume, breast implant surgery has been performed safely to achieve this appearance. This is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures at the Ottawa Institute of Plastic Surgery. Breast implants are considered medically implanted devices and are Health Canada and FDA approved for safe use.

Dr. Lee has advanced expertise focusing on breast surgery, making this a core part of her practice.


Who Can Have Breast Implants?

Healthy women who are looking for a change may have breast implant surgery. The most common reasons for breast implant augmentation are:

To enhance their natural breast volume

To address post-weight loss, or post-pregnancy deflation

The results are ideal for patients who have a BMI less than 30, have had clear mammograms, no active breast cancer, non-smoker, with a stable breast size and weight. If your skin or nipple have dropped significantly, a breast lift surgery may be recommended.

How Are The Implants Selected?

Breast implant surgery involves the placement of smooth, round implants underneath the breast tissue. Implants are
made of a thick silicone shell with either a saline or silicone gel fill. There are pros and cons to each.


More natural feeling
Ruptures difficult to detect and need and MRI
Silicone gel stays in the breast


Salt water filling which is naturally found in the body, easily cleared away with ruptures
Slightly increase skin rippling appearance if the tissues are thin
Ruptures have an obvious size change

The selection of the size depends on your desired size and your body’s natural chest width. You will have your
breast “footprint” measured and Dr. Lee will provide several options for breast implant size, based on your desired

How Are Implants Placed?

Implants are generally placed through a small surgical scar which is hidden in the natural creases around the breast.
The most common area of placement is in the fold under the breast (“inframammary fold” or “IMF”). The implant is
then placed behind the breast, either under or over the pectoralis major muscle. This depends on your upper breast
skin and desired appearance. If the upper breast skin is thin the implant appears more natural under the muscle.
For a rounder or more “augmented” appearance this can be placed over the muscle.

The Surgery

Breast implant surgery is “day surgery” meaning you will go home the same day. The surgery is generally under 2
hours and you will be completely asleep. You may need some tests before surgery. You will have a pre-operative
surgery appointment where you have an opportunity to ask questions and the implant size is finalized.

After Surgery

The usual recovery time is 1 week after surgery. You will be able to appear in public with clothes. To keep the
implants in the ideal position, we recommend no exercising for 6 weeks, and to wear a surgical bra. In the first 3
months, the implants appear higher than their final position. You will notice that the implants will appear to “drop and fluff ” over a 1 year period.

Implant Monitoring

1 year after surgery, your breast implants are stable. You will need to monitor the implant for changes over time.

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