Nipple Revision Surgery

There are several reasons people will request nipple revision surgery. This is to enhance the appearance rather
than function of the nipple. The following issues may be addressed with nipple revision surgery:

Inverted nipple
Nipple size reduction
Nipple skin tag removal
Removal of extra nipples
Nipple asymmetry
Abnormal colour

Inverted nipples

Inverted nipples appear as sunken dimples. This occurs due to a stronger inward pull from the ducts. This tight
pulling force on the nipple surface causes a sunken in, or dimpled appearance. This can appear temporarily, on one
side only, can change with temperature, or can be permanent. It can be problematic for cleaning, trapping dead
layers of skin, especially if the dimple is deep and permanent. The aesthetic appearance of inverted nipples may be

Correction of the inverted nipple involves releasing the pull of the deep ducts on the surface. A small incision is made
under the nipple, releasing or stretching the ducts below, allowing the nipple to become more projected. If there is
difficulty maintaining this projection, a soft filler may be added under the nipple to support its position.
Since the ducts are affected, there is no guarantee that you can breastfeed. Inverted nipple release is minor surgery
performed under local anesthetic. You will wear a special dressing for 1 week, which is easily hidden under normal

Nipple Size Reduction

Nipple size reduction is meant to cosmetically decrease the size of enlarged or drooping nipples. This removes a
wedge from the underside of the nipple, leaving a small scar hidden below. As with all nipple cosmetic surgeries, you
may not be able to breastfeed after surgery.

Nipple Skin Tag Removal

The constant rubbing of nipples against clothing or bras may cause the growth of minor skin tags. These are
common and do not affect your function. As they can be irritating, these may be removed through a minor surgery.

You will need to have an examination by a physician to ensure your breast and nipple are healthy. If there is a
personal or family history of breast cancer, you may need further investigations before surgery.

Removal of Extra Nipples

Extra nipples or supernumerary nipples are seen occasionally along the body. These are left over from early
development and are not harmful. They are generally located along the embryonic milk lines, that are traced from
the side of your abdomen to the armpit.

Removal of these extra nipples are performed as a minor surgery under local anesthetic. A small scar will replace
the extra nipple. The extra nipple may be sent for extra testing by your surgeon if there is a medical concern.

Nipple Asymmetry

Asymmetries are natural as we are not born perfectly symmetric. Some asymmetries may be more pronounced
and may cause aesthetic concern. Nipples may be asymmetric in projection, size, or colour. You will be examined
by one of our expert female plastic surgeons to assess the nature of the asymmetry, and a treatment plan will be
recommended based on this medical evaluation.

Abnormal Colour

The nipple and areola is a uniquely pigmented area of the body. The colour that you see has contributions from
your natural skin pigmentation and blood vessels. There may be changes in pigmentation that may appear obvious,
especially with scars after injury or surgery. Areas of the nipple and areola that have lightened or darkened may be
aesthetically concerning. At the Ottawa Institute of Plastic Surgery, we offer medical micropigmentation (tattoos) to
camouflage these areas.

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